We want our PLANET to get better. We are committed to the redemption of social and environmental injustice, our mission is for democracy and civil rights.

We want our PLANET to get better. We are committed to the redemption of social and environmental injustice, our mission is for democracy and civil rights.


We have an ambitious mission: to inspire change, motivate people and ideas to enhance the system we’re all part of, and find concrete solutions for our society’s future environmentally, socially, and democratically.


Protection of Environment

We fight for environment preservation, biodiversity promotion, and human activities impact limitations on our fragile and precious ecosystem.

Rights & Inclusion

We defend democracy and human rights because we believe that every individual has the right to freedom, dignity, and equality.


We are for the redemption of environmental and social injustices. We put our planet’s health and everyone’s rights among us.



We defend democracy and support participation and social and political activism.


Pianeta” aims to inspire and involve those who wish to contribute to creating a better world through events, workshops, cultural and social projects, and activism for environmental and political challenges. Every action matters, and every voice is important. Together, we can achieve great changes.

Are you ready to join us? We invite you to participate in concrete project realization, to share ideas, and to inspire each other.

Do you have ideas and dreams about improving the planet and the city or region you live in?
Do you want to implement a local project in the environmental or social sphere?
Would you like to know who is helping with the project?
Participate in the “Pianeta” movement.
Change starts with us; together, we can make our planet a new, extraordinary place.


WE ARE A NETWORK OF PEOPLE working in different professional fields.
Our professional experience is really varied: social work, business, communication, and freelance.
We are young students, researchers and academics, entrepreneurs, policy advisors, and freelancers.
We created “Pianeta” driven by a solid commitment to the fields of social and sustainability.
We’re based in Modena, Bologna, and Rome, with an emerging team in Brussels, where we meet regularly.


Ambassador of the European Climate Pact, advisor to international organizations on inequality and actions against poverty. Professional journalist, activist, founder, and president of Pianeta.


Civil lawyer, partner in a law firm in Modena dedicated, among other things, to advising the third world. European Ph.D in constitutional law at the University of Modena, editor of periodical editorials in the legal field. Vice-president of Pianeta.


Armenian by origin, Roman by adoption. Community manager in non-profits, student in Political Sciences, activist in youth politics. Passionate about Italy, geopolitics, and social and public relations. Member of the Directive and Responsible Council of Roma.


Private banker, financial consultant, former Vice-Major of Cavezzo in the province of Modena, creator and host of the radio program “Risparmio e denaro”. Secretary of Pianeta.


Accountant, auditor in the legal field, business consultant. Specialized in tax and corporate law. Financial advisor, founder, and partner of Studio MBL in Modena. Treasurer of Pianeta.


Engineer in the chemistry field, former industrial executive, passionate about artisanal viticulture, fascinated by the agroecology study and natural wine and food association, I’m currently producer of natural wines and entrepreneur in agriculture and change. Member of the coordination at Pianeta.


Born in Nigeria and raised in Modena, graduated with a degree in accounting, student of Law Sciences and Public Administration (legal operator). Member of ERN-Euroblood Net, Modena representative of the national association Anemia Falciforme. Member of the Directive Council of Pianeta.


Ph.D in Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Bologna, he has worked in social research and training projects for public and private entities since 1998. Between 2011 and 2021, he was the City Councilor of Bologna. Since 2018, he has been the Policy Officer for cohesion, education, training, and labor at the Delegation of the Emilia-Romagna Region to the EU.


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